S&S Super G Shorty Carburetor Kit

Regular price $606.99

The S&S Super G kit includes:

  • S&S Super G natural finish gas carburetor
  • S&S teardrop air cleaner assembly
  • manifold
  • hardware
  • fuel line
  • clamps
  • overflow line
  • one extra intermediate jet
  • two main jets
  • installation and jetting instructions.

We strongly suggest you run a Grim S&S Super G Screw-in filter with this carb - Save a couple bucks when you include it with your kit.

Super G has a 21/16" throat at the butterfly and a 13/4" venturi and is recommended for use on 90-cubic-inch and larger high-performance and modified engines - G is not recommended for smaller, lower-compression engines

NOTE: S&S Super E carburetors require the use of a two-cable, pull open/pull close throttle assembly.