Harley Davidson FXR Highway Peg Mount Kit

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The Grim Parts Co FXR Highway Peg Mount Kit uses a solid 1/2" steel plate with stainless standoffs that will accommodate stock or aftermarket HD pegs (not included). 

These are high-quality heavy duty, and precision made. We designed these for maximum functionality, and to handle big dudes - not calling you fat, but you know those cheap flimsy highway pegs your buddy is running won't hold a rider of your "stature" - but these will (again, not calling you fat, maybe just big-boned).  These are not cheap, so you should expect them to be beefy and rad - which they are. You'll mount these guys up and be pissed you didn't have them a year ago.

Kit includes 1/2" mounting plate, standoff, and hardware.   Please note this kit does NOT include foot pegs.   

The mounting plate will accommodate 2 standoff mounting positions for long-leggers, or not-as-long-leggers. If mounting on the lower position you will need to forego the use of the large washer on the back of the plate.

  • Fits all FXR models, all years with stock frame
  • 100% bolt-on, hardware included
  • Accommodate All stock or aftermarket FXR exhaust pipes
  • Accommodates stock or aftermarket pegs (not included)
  • Available in any color as long as it's gloss black powder coat.
  • Standoff width is 3 -1/4"
  • These are made to order.  Occasionally we will have a few sets on the shelf, Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 
  • This is a bolt-on product that fits stock locations.
  • These are tough, but we didn't design them to be a crash bar so don't crash your bike, braaaaah.
  • As with everything else we sell, if you're not qualified or capable of installing these properly, hire a qualified technician to do the install for you.