Forward-Mids Controls for Harley Davidson FXR

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The Grim Parts Co FXR Forward-Mids are precision built for a lifetime of performance.  We designed these controls to be far enough forward to fit both short, and tall riders.  They're not exactly mid, and they're not exactly forward - but they are located specifically where they fit best.  

This bolt-on foot control kit fits all Harley Davidson FXR model years 1989 and up.  We use a solid 1/2" plate, combined with precision pin-honed oil lite bronze bushings to ensure reliable, smooth, and rattle-free shifting for the life of your bike.

Kit includes brackets, all linkage, and hardware.   Please note this kit does NOT include toe shifter, brake peg, and foot pegs and master cylinder.  

  • Fits model years 1989 and up
  • 100% bolt-on
  • These controls will accommodate All stock or aftermarket FXR exhaust pipes
  • Accommodates stock or aftermarket pegs, shifter, and brake peg for Harley Davidson
  • Connects to your stock FXR master cylinder, and stock or aftermarket shift arm, in the stock locations 
  • Available in any color as long as it's gloss black powder coat. 

Production price $569.



Please note this is pre-sale only and price will increase as soon as production is underway.  They are not going to ship until after we're home from EDR and have recovered from whatever we're about to do to ourselves...
Shown here with Flo Motorsports foot pegs