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At this workshop you will learn how to properly complete the 10,000 & 20,000 mile services, as well as all regular scheduled 5,000 mile maintenance requirements. 

WHEN:   Saturday, July 27, 9AM-1PM
WHERE:  Grim Parts Co Shop, 554 Commerce Rd, Orem.

This 4-hour hands-on course covers:

  • Frame and chassis inspection
  • critical fastener check
  • tire check
  • fluid changes - motor, trans, primary, fork oil
  • primary chain adjustment
  • clutch adjustment
  • neck bearing adjustment
  • wheel bearing end play
  • and much much more.

These concepts are applicable to ALL MAKES AND MODELS OF MOTORCYCLES. 

Attendees will get discount pricing on all service and maintenance items

You might think you know what you’re doing or how to work on your bike - but there’s a very good chance you’re doing things wrong.
We designed this course to teach you what you need to get your bike up and running for proper and safe operation
(even if you operate your bike in an unsafe manner)
Included are all course materials, breakfast, snacks,
lunch, frosty beverages, and some super sweet schwag.
Seating is limited and spots fill up quick.