16" Barely Legal Ape Hangers

Regular price $179.95

We've been building handlebars for years, so if you've been around for a while, you've probably seen a bike with a set of our bars mounted up.  We know what it takes to make a great looking bar that is also ergonomically correct and comfortable to ride with.  The right bars will allow for natural and excellent bike control, reduce rider fatigue, prevent numb-hand, and will look amazing.  Every aspect of our 16" ape hanger handlebar has been specifically designed to hit all these points. 

We finish the corners with a sharp miter to keep the lines nice and tight, and wrap it all up with a gloss black powder coat that allows for excellent shine and a beautiful wet look.

Our bars are made to order.  This helps keep the price reasonable, and eliminates the chances for bars hanging on the wall to get scratched and niked up.

We also make these bars in a 1.25" model.  Please note the 1.25" version will fit your standard 1" mounts and controls, but give a bigger and beffier look.  

    • 16 inch handlebar ape hangers for Harley Davidson.
    • Made in the USA.
    • TIG welded in fixtures.
    • 1" .095" wall DOM tubing.
    • Finished with Gloss black powder coat.
    • 4" pullback for an aggressive feel. 
    • Available with dimples for stock controls, or undimpled for custom controls.

    All our bars are available in raw steel to allow you to finish or powder coat any color you wish.