Grim Parts Co is a premium brand

We are not the cheapest, but we are the best. You get what you pay for, and if you’re looking for premium gear and components, you're at the right place.  We spend long days and thousands of miles testing our prototypes and only release a new product after it has survived us. Unless you're more destructive than we are (unlikely), our parts should hold up to you.

Quality takes time
All metal products are made to order, at the time you order.  When you order bars, bag mounts, or any other metal products, we fire up the saw, crank up the welder, and hand-make your components to order.  This means we custom fabricate basically everything when you ask for it.  It goes to powder coat for a couple days, comes back, and then gets shipped to you.  We don't expect you to wait forever, but quality takes a couple days, so make sure to take fabrication and powder coat time into consideration if you're working on a limited time frame.  Quality takes time.

Grim Parts Co takes Quality, Adventure, and Fun Serious. 
The best thing about motorcycles is riding. Regardless what kind of vehicle you use in your adventures, our products are designed to make your adventure experience better. Grim Parts Co was founded as a completely selfish endeavor to create solutions to our own personal motorcycle-based problems – many of the same problems you have. We produce high quality parts, gear, and equipment. Our parts make life better. 

Grim Parts Co products are Made in the USA. 
Our R&D process takes place all across the globe in the harshest of environments, and we come home and proudly make all our parts and accessories in the USA. 

Development Driven by Every Day Riding Problems.  
Every Grim Parts Co component is born from a sub-par product failing, a close-call, or some kind of catastrophic event, and the need to prevent the same problem happening again. We spare no expense in developing solutions to adventure-based gear and travel problems and we use only the highest quality materials and best craftsmen (and women) around.  We personally develop all our prototypes and prove out the concepts in the harshest environments refining and adjusting a long the way. If the prototype survives we bust out the CAD, make it precise and pretty, and then our customers buy it and life gets 1 notch better for everybody.