Fuel Filter for S&S Super E Carburetor by Grim Parts Co

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This filter installs directly into S&S Super E carburetors. 

Grim Parts Co S&S Type G Carburetor inline filter

The patented Grim Fuel Filter installs directly into the float bowl and replaces the float needle seat on the S&S Type E carb.  The top of the filter is 1/2-20 threaded and creates a seamless integration into your carburetor.  This screw-in filter allows you to run a fuel filter with your S&S Type E carburetor on your Harley Davidson, eliminating the need to find a place to install an in-line fuel filter.  CNC machined from solid brass for a beautiful custom finish.  The inside of the filter is fitted with a 3/8 extension socket slot that makes install and removal of the screw-in filter simple, and the filter housing is sealed with Viton o-rings. 


Why this filter is so awesome, and why you really should be running it on your S&S Super E or Super G:

  • Fuel is dirty.  From the time fuel leaves a refinery, to the time it gets into your fuel tank, there are multiple opportunities for contamination.  Clean fuel performs better, and contaminated fuel will cause damage to your motor.
  • Your tank is dirty - especially older bikes.  The element filters down to 10 microns.  This ensures that any contaminants from the fuel or your tank are filtered out. You will be surprised how dirty your tank is.  We highly recommend you pull your tank and give it a good rinse at the same time you install this filter.  All the crap that's floating around in your tank will get stopped by this filter.  If you all the sudden have a fuel delivery issue, you're proving to yourself that our filter works. 
  • Fuel lines corrode over time.  This filter installs directly into the float, making it the absolute last line of defense against contaminated fuel entering your motor.
  • Prevents vapor lock.  There is no room on your bike to mount a traditional inline fuel filter, other than directly between your cylinders, which is one of the hottest areas on your bike.  This leads to increased fuel temperatures, and eventually boiling fuel, which causes vaporlock.  The Grim Fuel Filter installs safely away from the motor, thereby reducing fuel temperatures and eliminating vapor lock issues.
  • Substantially better performance.  A traditional inline filter will not clean anywhere close to 10 microns, and using an inline filter can cause more problems than it may prevent.  Also, due to the mounting location of an inline filter, they tend to bang against your cylinder walls and fins, eventually causing fin damage.

US Patent # 62/917,425

S&S Super E carburetor with fuel filter by Grim Parts Co.  S&S Super G


Installation is quick and easy.  We recommend you check your float height and replace your float needle, float gasket, and accelerator pump O-ring during install to ensure proper performance of your S&S carb.  A float gasket & needle kit is available with your order. 

Please note:
A)  we highly recommend you upgrade your needle.  if you're running a stock S&S needle from the 90's your needle will not operate correctly in this filter.  In the last 20-30 years you should have already upgraded that needle to a new style anyways - so if you have the old style, it's time for a new needle.  Needles have viton tips - and viton eventually wears out and may not seat up to a fresh surface like a new needle will, so just buy a new needle - it's a cheap and easy upgrade. 
B)  this installation is very simple, but if your mechanical skills are not there, or you are one of those guys that think you know what you're doing, but turns out you really don't... or you install the thing and it's not working or it's leaking or your float is overflowing - chances are it's user error and time for you to take your bike to a real shop and have a qualified mechanic do the install for you.

C)  your tank is already dirty, so do yourself a huge favor and pull your tank and petcock and give them a good rinse when you install the filter so you're starting with a clean fuel system. 

All the junk that's floating around in your gas tank will eventually make it through to the filter, and the filter is designed to catch all that junk.  If you start having a fuel delivery issue this means 2 things: 1 -the filter is doing it's job preventing contaminants from entering your motor, and 2 -your tank or your fuel is dirty.  See item C above.   

The filter element is designed to last a lifetime and will require the occasional cleaning, especially if you've got a filthy old tank or run dirty fuel.  We designed the filter with a reusable element so you're not buying a new element every year.  You can clean it with brake or carb cleaner, or just some soap and water.  The element is not exactly fragile, but it is expensive, so take care of it and it will take care of you.