Harley Davidson FXR Saddlebag and Adventure Box Pannier Mount Kit

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Applicable to all Harley Davidson FXR models, all years.   The Grim Parts Co ADV mounting system is this is the most versatile bag and box mounting system for Harley Davidson FXR models.  Don't get stuck with a system that ropes you into 1 specific brand of bag or box.

There are a lot of saddle bag bracket options on the market. We’ve never been satisfied with any of them so we developed the most versatile mounts to accommodate a large selection of bags depending on your needs. These are bolt-on, rugged, sturdy, strong, and handmade right here in the USA. If you use our Pannier Individual hard bags (sold separately - or use what you've already go) they will come on and off with the twist of 2 knobs. If you're after soft, waterproof bags these hoops will work with any of the top of the line options from Wolfman, Kriega, or Mosko Moto. These mounts will also accommodate the popular Pelican case, as well as ammo cans, marine boxes, clamshells, or pretty much any other bag or box that you're comfortable hanging off the side of your bike.

The Grim ADV mount system allows you to avoid the fat and bulky exterior tubed frames from other mounting kits. When you take your bags or boxes off, the mounts are super slim and tucked away.

There are endless possibilities for these mounts. Unlike many other big brands, we take quality construction and product strength & integrity very seriously. We built these bag mounts with the hardest of riders in mind.  

  • 100% bolt-on and simple install. 
  • Works with stock strut covers or the Grim Parts Co Strut Eliminator Kit
  • 4-point system attaches mounts for a super rigid fit. 
  • Accommodates a huge variety of bags and boxes. 
  • Laser cut brackets. 
  • Made of CNC bent 5/8 tubing to create a slim mounting surface, instead of a cage.
  • Lighter and slimmer than any other aftermarket Harley-specific bag mounts
  • TIG welded in fixtures
  • Highest quality powder coat
  • Proudly hand made in Orem, Utah, USA. 

Included with the Grim Parts Co FXR Saddlebag and Adventure box mounting kit:

  • Right side mounting brackets 
  • Left side mounting brackets
  • Forward mounting brackets
  • Rear support bracket
  • All hardware and spacers
  • Idiot proof install instructions

If you are running our Strut Eliminator Kit please let us know when ordering so we can get you the correct mounts  

We offer a through-the-fender rear brace for FXR that requires drilling of the fender - which understandably many of us don't want to do, so the standard kit includes a brace that goes around the rear tire instead of into the fender.  This is a 100% bolt-on kit and we highly recommend you use the entire mount system, some have opted to go without this rear brace.  The rear brace provides substantial strength and rigidity to this system - so run it, or don't... it's totally up to you.

Also available for all Dyna models

Grim Mounts will accommodate a huge variety of bags and boxes 

Pelican 1430 case slides right on
Harley Davidson FXR with Pelican Case Mounts

All Happy Trails aluminum panniers mount up nice and tight  

Tusk boxes - no problem

Even ammo cans, crusty old clamshells, and cheap plastic jugs out of the junk yard mount right up.

Customer Submitted Photos:

Adventure Bag Mount for Harley Davidson by Grim Parts Co

Harley Davidson Saddlebag Mount Grim Parts Co

Wolfman Rocky Mountain Saddlebags mounted on Harley Davidson Grim Parts Co



Our Grim FXR Saddlebag and Adventure Mounting Brackets will fit all years of Harley-Davidson FXR models:

1984 Disc Glide FXRDG
1999 FXR 2
1999 FXR 3
2000 FXR 4
1985 Low Glide Custom FXRC
1984 Low Glide FXRS
1985 Low Glide FXRS
1987 Low Rider Chrome FXRC
1990 Low Rider Convertible FXRS-CONV
1991 Low Rider Convertible FXRS-CONV
1992 Low Rider Convertible FXRS-CONV
1993 Low Rider Convertible FXRS-CONV
1987 Low Rider Custom FXLR
1988 Low Rider Custom FXLR
1989 Low Rider Custom FXLR
1990 Low Rider Custom FXLR
1991 Low Rider Custom FXLR
1992 Low Rider Custom FXLR
1993 Low Rider Custom FXLR
1994 Low Rider Custom FXLR
1986 Low Rider FXRS
1987 Low Rider FXRS
1988 Low Rider FXRS
1990 Low Rider FXRS
1991 Low Rider FXRS
1992 Low Rider FXRS
1993 Low Rider FXRS
1988 Low Rider Sport FXRS-SP
1989 Low Rider Sport FXRS-SP
1990 Low Rider Sport FXRS-SP
1991 Low Rider Sport FXRS-SP
1992 Low Rider Sport FXRS-SP
1993 Low Rider Sport FXRS-SP
1983 Sport Glide FXRT
1984 Sport Glide FXRT
1985 Sport Glide FXRT
1986 Sport Glide FXRT
1987 Sport Glide FXRT
1988 Sport Glide FXRT
1989 Sport Glide FXRT
1990 Sport Glide FXRT
1991 Sport Glide FXRT
1992 Sport Glide FXRT
1993 Sport Glide FXRT
1986 Sport Glide Grand Touring FXRD
1984 Super Glide FXR
1985 Super Glide FXR
1986 Super Glide FXR
1987 Super Glide FXR
1988 Super Glide FXR
1989 Super Glide FXR
1990 Super Glide FXR
1991 Super Glide FXR
1992 Super Glide FXR
1993 Super Glide FXR
1994 Super Glide FXR
1982 Super Glide II FXR
1983 Super Glide II FXR
1982 Super Glide II FXRS
1983 Super Glide II FXRS