5.75 LED headlight with integrated Turn Signals for Harley Davidson

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The Grim LED TSE Headlight is a stock OEM replacement for your standard 5.75" Harley Davidson headlight.  The TS headlight is pre-wired with turn signals inside the bucket so you can lose your stock turn signals.

Motorcycles are pretty much invisible on the road. That’s why every day comes with a close call. Having a good headlight is a necessary safety feature that every rider should embrace. We prefer super bright LED’s. Most headlights are made in China and come in sealed housings with very little branding or product info printed on the units – so unless you’re getting a name brand, there’s no way to really tell what is what until you cut them open. Generally speaking, LED lights come in a range of qualities - the differences are in the boards and the diodes  (begin your argument for a cheap light from amazon here).

  1. Low-end cheap knock-off / amazon brands: These are the 5.75 LED’s that you can pick up for $30-$100 on amazon or alibaba. They are generic, no branding, no label, no product info, but plug ‘em in and they work – for now.  It's not a matter of "if" they will fail, but WHEN.
  2. Mid-grade $100-$400. These lights are usually made in factories that produce high-end units, but are smart enough to know that most people aren’t going to spend $800 on a headlight. The LED’s are name brand, and the boards are decent.
  3. High-end $400 and up. These units are typically equipped with Cree, Osram, or Phillips diodes and have heavy-duty boards. They will typically have branding and labeling on the housing and will far outlast the low and midgrade units.

Inevitably somebody will read this and say “I bought my daymaker knockoff for $50 and it’s worked for 5 years with no problem” – good for you, but start counting your days. We all know equipment goes out when you need it most – and your knockoff cheapo light is 100% guaranteed to die – sooner rather than later, and probably in the middle of the night on a dark Mexican highway. If you think your cheap headlight is still “perfect”, put your welding mask on and go look into the diodes – revel in their failure.  Reminder - everything on a motorcycle will fail. Not a matter of if, but when – it’s a fact of life.

The Grim Turn Signal Eliminator LED Headlight features:

  • Full time low-draw running light
  • Wide ratio super-bright LEDs provide excellent visibility even on the darkest Mexican Highways
  • DOT Approved
  • Total of 15 diodes
  • Standard HD 3-prong plug easily installs in stock wiring
  • Kit includes wiring instructions for in-bucket turn signals

This headlight fits all bikes with a 5.75" headlight bucket:

  • All Harley Davidson Sportster models
  • All Harley Davidson Dyna models
  • FXR eye-brow style buckets require some creative wire relocation - but hey, if you've got an FXR you should be used to some modifications.

Get a good light.  Your life depends on it.

Wiring Directions:
Wire Color / Description:
Black:               Ground for headlight and turn signal/running light
Blue:                  Low beam
Red:                   High beam
Yellow:              Right turn signal
Blue/White:     Left turn signal
White:              +12 VDC – Running light
Note: running light must receive 12 vdc for the turn signals to work.