Aluminum Pannier Adventure Box

Regular price $199.00

Aluminum panniers are Available in 4 sizes:

  • 5" W x 12" H x 15" L (13.8 liters, 842 CI)
  • 6" D x 14" H x 16" L (21.5 Liter, 1312 CI)
  • 7.5" D x 14" H x 16" L (27 Liter, 1648 CI)
  • 9" D x 15" H x 18" L (38 Liter, 2319 CI)

If you like to ride 2-lane roads to nowhere or taking your bike up dirt roads, building a fire and camping under the stars with a few friends, then you know how packing can be an issue. We’ve got the ultimate solution: strong, durable, waterproof, lockable aluminum bags. These are easy to pack and come off with a twist of couple knobs. Attach stuff to them, use them as a wash basin at camp, or sit on them by the fire. Versatile and strong….these won’t let you down. Be the first one set up at night and the first one ready to go in the morning so you can relax and laugh at your buddies bungee cording their rigs together.

Use with our bolt on adv bag mounts for the total packing solution.

These panniers are TIG welded of .080” (2mm) aluminum, among the thickest in the industry, and no glue or rivets are used in construction. 

  • Prices listed are PER BOX
  • The panniers are easily removable with a Quick-Disconnect located inside each pannier
  • All have high-quality hinges and lid features. The Slot Hinge Lid™ has a pivot hinge on the outside of the pannier. Riders can convert panniers to lift-off lids, easily done by removing the one hinge-screw on each hinge. All panniers come with the hinged design.
  • All have Canyon Cut outside edges (45-degree bevel cut)
  • High-quality cam latches, leak proof and lockable with padlock (not included) also waterproof matching key locks in the top. (included)
  • Extra loops on the lids allow for additional storage. Strap a tent, sleeping bag, or packable chair easily and securely to the lids.
  • Hammer-tone black has a finish like a smooth orange peel with about the same level of shine or gloss add. $45.00 per box
  • Bare Aluminum is the natural finish of the aluminum as it comes to us from the mill. NOTE the bare aluminum finish can have scuff marks and scratches in it.


*** Please allow 2-3 week lead time ***